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Who We Are

Amari Uganda is a charitable organization committed to the rescue, rehabilitation and reconnection of street and other vulnerable children in Uganda back to their families.We address the social problems faced by them and then come up with possible solutions.

Street children have vast talents and skill among them, so we help them discover their abilities and equip them with vocational skills (i.e. farming mechanics, tailoring , craft and sandal making among others) that will enable them to start up something for sustainability when they are resettled back to their families / communities.

Corporate Summary

Amari Uganda is a registered charitable Organization under the National NGO board of Uganda under registration number s.5914/9765and is based in Kampala Uganda. The idea of Amari Uganda was birthed in 2011 by ex-street children, a small unit of heartfelt people and other wishers.

The main focus of the the organization is to restore confidence among street and other vulnerable children by spreading out our wings of love , equip them with skills and talents and then re unite them with their families.Since its registration in 2012,we have reached out to over 500 street children by providing them with free medical aid for minor health issues, food and water, clothing, counseling, and other necessities that they otherwise cannot access on the streets.

In 2013 our work was recognized and nominated by pearl of Africa Awards for best documentary entitled “will there be hope”- advocating street children’s rights.

Problem statement

The plight of street children in Uganda is a major concern among Ugandans. The number of children who end up on streets is immensely alarming, many of whom come from the village to make a better living in the city only to be hit hard the realities that are on these streets.

The major attribute of this problem has been linked to a number of issues ranging from HIV/AIDS, poverty, death of parents/guardians, laziness among others.While on the Streets, these children are vulnerable and face a number of challenges ranging from diseases, malnutrition, lack of accommodation, physical and mental abuses and above all permanent blow on their self-esteem. As a result, end up using drugs to help them cope with everyday life.