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Support Resettlement

We assess the child`s family stability before we resettle him or her. If the physical conditions in the home are simply not good enough for the child to live under, e.g. family is not stable enough to support the child. However, very simple measures can be taken to prevent this because it can cause the child to go back on the street.

We start up IGAS (income generating activities) for the family, buy a few items for the child like a mosquito-net, a blanket, a basin, mattress, clothes among others

The following prices are for one child’s resettlement:

Item Price
Mosquito Net
UGX 15,000 ($4.5)
UGX 85,000 ($25)
Basin UGX 3000 ($1)
Blanket UGX 15,000 ($4.5)
Set of clothes UGX 20,000 ($6)
Total UGX 138,000 ($41)