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Support Feeding

Amari provides the children at the center with breakfast (porridge), lunch and supper every day. For the children on the street we have an open feeding program where we provide them with breakfast and lunch every Thursday.

Due to limited of funds, most often children are fed on posho (maize dish) and beans for lunch. Having the same food every day is not beneficial; the children need to have a balanced diet. You can support today so that children can get access to a balanced diet

The following prices are for lunch for about 50 children for one month :

Food Stuff (unit) Price
Rice (100kgs) UGX 300,000 ($91)
Meat (30kgs) UGX 90,000 ($27)
Posho (100kgs) UGX 170,000 ($51)
Beans (20kgs) UGX 50,000 ($15)
Sugar (20kgs) UGX 52,000 ($16)
Total UGX 662,000 ($200)