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Resettlement of children to their families

Activities Involved

  • Family / Home tracing
  • Pre / Re-visits
  • Recociliation between the two parties ( a child and his or her parent)
  • Re uniting children them with their families.
  • Setting up small scale business for the family in order to sustain its self.
  • Follow ups

Children are resettled through the following ways at Amari

  1. Reintegration – When we resettle a child to his or her biological family / relatives
  2. Foster care – when we fail to trace any biological family / relatives of the child, reconciliation fails or if we think the child may be exposed to abuse.
  3. Independent Living – if the youth is 18 years and has no biological family / relatives.

As the main objective of the organization is to reintegrate / reunite children with their families.

Social workers carry out periodic follow-up visits to assess the individual’s progress and the family’s economic stability.

After examining child`s family stability, the child will cease to be on the Amari support program that is if their family is found able to support him or her. But if the family is not stable enough to support the child, we continue supporting them.

This enables children to connect with their relatives again for a happy life and excellence in their studies.