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Why we do outreaches

Street outreaches are a key channel for connecting with vulnerable children. Through direct engagement with them we are able to show them care and concern. As we counsel them we win their trust and they open up and tell us their stories.

This is where the process of rehabilitation starts as the children feel valued and ready to listen to counsel in the process we end up inviting them to come to our centers were they are exposed to a life / family hence them changing.During outreaches,they participate in leisure activities i.e. games, share testimonies, get mentorship advise from former street successful persons who are invited to come and share their success stories.

Mobile clinics are also set up and those with minor health complications are treated or given first aid while those with complex problems are referred to nearby hospitals for treatment. Generally such outreach programs are an interactive and interesting time for the children and it gives them hope to live another day.

Categories of children on the streets

Visible Children: These are children who are visibly living, working, surviving on the streets and they can be categorized as: part time and full time street children.

Invisible street children: This category of street children suffers all forms of abuse, physical, psychological, social, economic, sexual among others. Most times girls follow captive of this.

What they do on the streets?

On the streets, children engage themselves in different activities such as: Child labor ( odd jobs ranging from cleaning to carrying heavy loads), Theft, Begging, Sniffing glue/petroleum, Drug abuse, Sexual abuse, Form gangs ,use of vulgar language among others.

What they face while on streets

They suffer mob justices various sicknesses, child abuse, child labour, sexual abuse, HIV/AIDS, hunger, among others.